Wednesday 28 May 2014

Loot table community

So this might not be an exploit to speak, but just might be a better way to spend those shards.. It also depends on my understanding of loot tables. As far as i know they are determined from game to game and not differently for each character entering the game.

After looking at the loot tables here Legendary Drop Rates Data - Torment Drop %
i realized that i had already found a lot of the really rare items (focus, 2x Mr yan, 2x Pox faulds, 2x rhimeheart, shard of hate and velvet cameral). I play wizzard BTW  (and i can use 0 of the rare legs found  )

So i thought about making a community where you could write in the chat if you found one of the rare items.. or maybe just a coveted item.

1) I find The Witching Hour  and now that i got one, im HAPPY
(might decide to gamble for a better before leaving the game though now that it is in the table)

2) I enjoy a coke and decide to share the hapiness, so i write in the comunnity chat "Withcing hour found, table unconfirmed 1", and confirms it with a pic of my WH

3) other ppl who wants to gamble for witching hour joins and gambles (i can leave now). Before the other people leave, they make sure there is at least 1 person left to recruit. that person writes ""Withcing hour found, table unconfirmed 4 (if he is the fouth person, and no WH's are found), OR "Withcing hour found, table confirmed! " if he or someone else has found one.

3) more ppl. enter and if another WH is not found until 10th person, the game is allowed to be left to die if people decides so. (probably not smart loot then)
- generally i think people shouldn't leave until "Withcing hour found, table unconfirmed 10" but something can always get in the way, and it's a free service, so no consequences there.

Well.. that was my thoughts.. any1 want to test with me?
I think i named the community "Loot table searchers" in english communities