Monday 18 August 2014

Why do I have to run through 5-8 levels in GR to finish it? Where are the mobs?

I love Diablo. I have over 3k hours logged and don't plan on quitting anytime soon, but the current iteration of GR mob density is really making me wonder what the hell is going on with the design team. Running through 7 levels trying to find mobs to kill is not fun.

I don't like having to search for mobs. I don't like running through endless dead ends to find remaining mobs in order to spawn a GR guardian. I want to be able to encounter so many mobs I have to back up! I want to fight my way though a greater rift. I don't want to use all my precious resource on running/sprinting/teleporting/vaulting to find the next 3 mobs only to do it again. I want to use my resource on killing or kiting mobs, not heading to the next level of the rift only to find a small pack of mobs that I'll have to skip in order to keep up with the timer to get to the next elite pack.

Sorry for the "rage" but I don't get the point of having to run through 7 levels to only kill 6 elite packs in a full rift. Where are the mobs? Where are the waves of endless demons for me to slay? Is anyone else disappointed in using your resources to find mobs instead of killing them? Are greater rifts intended to be like this? What happened to mob density?.