Sunday 7 September 2014

100m Gold/hour farm

With the addition of new gem Boon of the Hoarder from Goblin rift you can get insane gold drops. It offers 25% chance +1.5*level that every monster you kill will drop piles of gold.

Best place to farm gold atm is Halls of Agony level 2. I farm with jade harvester WD T6 and with rank 33gem (74.5%) and +7k gold find every mob i kill drops around 70-250k gold.
Another zone worth looking into is Arreat creater but it is lot harder.

Even with worse gear and gold set you shoud be able to get to 30-50m gold/hour easy.
I feel like with even better items i shoud be able to get up to 150-200m gold/hour.

I highly advise you to use Goldwrap belt as it gives you enaugh toughness to facetank everything they throw at you the moment you kill one monster and get proc.

Here is a good guide for this (and optional equipment to get more gold)