Sunday 7 September 2014

Diablo 3 XP “Cheat” Quests Finally Removed

Those hoping for a quick trip up the levels in Blizzard’s Diablo 3 Seasons will be disappointed: the company has announced yesterday that the controversial quests, which allowed players to collect vast amounts of XP by barely doing anything, would be removed. The problems with the said quests surfaced immediately after the launch of Seasons. When the first level 70 characters turned up less than two hours after the launch, it became obvious that the quests amounted to a major bug.
While the removal of the cheesy quests called “The Matriarch’s Bones”, “The Jar of Souls”, “The Miser’s Will” and “A Miner’s Gold” is certainly welcome news, the only question still on fans’ minds is: how come it took so long when the problem was so obvious?

Accompanying the announcement concerning the removal of the said “cheese” quests, there was a lengthy explanation from Blizzard, in which they sought to re-assure players who had used the technique of abusing the above said quests, that they wouldn’t be penalized and that no Conquest credits or ranks would be lost on account of the hot fix on one hand. On the other hand, they explained that the said quests would only be removed from the bounty pool and not the game itself.
Furthermore, the quests will apparently be back for bounties of future seasons, obviously in a tweaked format. They did not say when the quests would be re-introduced to the bounty pool, but according to the announcement, they may be re-added for Season 2.
Blizzard then went on to explain that the goal behind the removal of the said quests was to encourage players to explore the content and to try various other ways of forwarding their Seasonal Conquest.
The bottom line: with the right tweaks in place, Season 2 promises to be more challenging and therefore much more engaging than the Season 1 fiasco.

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