Monday 29 September 2014

Diablo III – Pets to Receive Boost through Patch

Pet survivability has been a bit of an issue in Blizzard’s Diablo III, with players complaining on the official forum of the game that their pets were dying all the time. While the game philosophy behind the pet system is quite sound at its core, the developer has apparently decided to address the issue through a patch nonetheless.
According to designer John Yang, the Blizzard crew has begun a sweeping review of the Rift Guardian abilities and of the various monster skills which seem to deal an unreasonable amount of damage to player pets.
Apparently, there are a number of monster abilities in the game which do not follow the guidelines the majority of such abilities do. An example in this respect would be the Mallet Lord’s Arm Attack and a number of other such abilities named in some of the discussion threads regarding the problem.

While at it, Yang also addressed the general issue of pet survivability, which – according to the game’s philosophy – is directly linked to the player’s own stats. Toughness seems to be the key variable of the pet survivability equation, as pets draw their toughness from that of the player. Those who skip on upgrading their toughness can expect their pets to die a lot more often.
The interesting aspect of all this is that some players seem to underestimate the importance of keeping their own toughness up for the very reason that they have pets to protect them. Obviously, this sort of thinking doesn’t hold any water as pets and ultimately the player will suffer as a result of it.

The bottom line therefore is that while the future patch will weed out some of the above mentioned obvious problems, it will be ultimately the player’s responsibility to address the issue after all.

Phil Thalberg works for GosuGamers, the top source of eSports-related gaming news.