Monday 22 September 2014

With over 100 attempts at 43 solo, I've come to some conclusions about GR scaling and why it is no longer fun.

This is not a rant (well perhaps a little one) but more of a speech to identify fundamental problems with the GR scaling at and above lvl 40 for solo play. I'll try and share some thoughts that were going through my head as I spent fifty 43 keys and only got 1 playable to the end map. Here goes.

  • Monsters that deal unavoidable damage need to be forbidden from spawning in giant hoards. If the game developers want me to stack defense to survive hits from these creatures then that is fine, but no amount of toughness will keep me alive against an unfair amount of winged assassins and anarchs (just to name a few).
  • Certain monsters need to be forbidden from spawning as champion/elite packs. Looking at you Ghosts out there. Many mobs from act 4 and 5 should be considered as well.
  • Certain monsters need to be forbidden from spawning. Period. Rock worms, and tunneling scavengers are the main culprits.
  • Monsters that jump or turn invisible should not be immune to every form of CC and damage while in their scripted sequence. Make that shit dynamic so we can have a fighting chance!
  • Never ending single map corridors were designed for you to fail. One death after you've covered some distance is known as "the walk of shame". You're better off just turning around and leaving the game even if you are ahead of the progress bar. Allow checkpoints after a certain distance covered to be a thing please!
  • Our list of "pre approved" GR maps is a joke. I'm tired and bored of fighting in a god damn linear cave with no room to avoid which should be avoidable damage. Where did our open fields go?
  • Whoever thought it was a good idea to make every single act 5 mob shoot something, jump on your face, sneak up under you, or blast you with giant laser beams from off screen... is retarded."Oh lets's make the new content really difficult so players can test how tough they are and feel accomplished when they kill something". You failed. you failed hard at that and reverted the entire act to what D3 was as a vanilla infant. Difficulty does NOT = enjoyable.

Basically GR 40+ (solo play) has come to be known as Wretched mother conduit gaming. Farm the perfect trash mobs over and over again until you stumble upon that elusive conduit pylon conveniently located by the RG.

Things I did not mention but am aware of...

  • Farming GR keystones is boring. Let us craft what lvl we want...
  • Frozen is stupid. It's supposed to be a control affix, not a damaging affix
  • Pylons in GR's are stupid
  • Adjust many of the RG bosses, Trash mobs, and elite mobs (difficulty vs reward)**
  • More QQ about certain things