Friday 24 October 2014

beginners/advance guide from top 10 wizard (seasons) (gear/builds)

There is only 2 builds i am only going to show the one everyone knows firebirds and the beginning one disintegrate.

Short range disintegrate

Use this until you achieve firebirds:!SigT!YbZZaa

It's fairly simple, i use this to lvl up and also use it to do t3/t4 rifts, i was able to do t3 very effectively i also got to grift 22 with this build.

Some notes

have to use a slow 2h, makes the build most effective, 3 items that make the build a tad better, moonlight ward/andarials visage/string of ears since you will be in melee range. and you simply go for crit/crit dmg/%ele/%distengrate/%hydra.

the hydra is really under-rated imo, people only are using it for firebirds but it's great for any build because of arcane dynamo.

you can switch familiar with teleport if you want, i only use teleport for higher grifts i don't find it necessary even when i'm doing t6 rifts.

My firebirds build!Zfhe!YYZZac

this is a tad different from others, like i said i only use teleport for high Grifts, use pinpoint barrier for lower torments/Grifts and use prismatic armour for higher torments/Grifts. and i never use illusionist, i rarely use teleport already so i don't find it much useful, but take out conflag if you do want to use it.

Some items that help

end game firebirds uses a furnace but since it's really rare you are always going to use 1h/off-hand until than, the off-hand being firebird's. the best 1h's are WoH/sun keeper > serpent wand > devastator/burning axe. i am currently using a devastator instead of a serpent wand simply because my wand rolled horrible and my devastator out dmg it by a good amount.

you want to try to use cindercoat as your chest and since blackthornes neck rolls really good now try to find one of those and use 2p of blackthorns neck/belt with RoRG for the 3set bonus. but unity/stone of jordan is superior, unfortunately i only have a unity/RoRG but still rolling my unity.

Also you want to go for area dmg on most items you can, it's not superior to CC/Crit dmg, but it's superior to %blizzard dmg or AS, for rings you want, int/socket/CC/crit dmg, neck you want either int/CC/crit dmg/%ele dmg OR socket, you don't want to trade either CC or crit dmg for the socket though.

Sockets on your rings are a must, socket on your neck isn't but it's still good. the 2 best gems at least imo would be "bane of the powerful" and "zei's stone of vengeance".

this is the end of my small guide, it's really just to help out all wizards on their gear/builds. hopefully it helps you.