Monday 13 October 2014

Witchdoctor: A guide to Legendary Gems for every build.

I wanted to make a very quick, easy guide to which gems work with which builds. I do NOT play many of these builds, so many of these ratings are just based on guides I read or feedback in the comments. If you have a different opinion, please comment and let me know.

These ratings assume your Gem is at least level 25, and that you are trying to clear the highest GRift possible within the time limit.
  • A = The consensus best or second best gem for this build in any circumstance. Use it.
  • B = A very strong choice for this build in nearly every circumstance.
  • C = Situationally useful. If you're doing something specific, this could be a good choice.
  • D = Not completely useless, but close.
  • F = Completely useless for this build. No synergy.
GemCarnevilRhen'hoSMKJadeTikTankGrin Reaper
Bane of the PowerfulBBBBFB
Bane of the TrappedCABABA
Effacious ToxinCBBBAB
Gogok of SwiftnessABBDAD
Invigorating GemstoneCCCCBC
Pain EnhancerBBBFFC
Simplicity's StrengthDDDFFD
Wreath of LightningDDDCCD
Since there's going to be some debate about what's "best in slot" for some builds, I'm going to only mark something as an "A" if there's a strong consensus, so some builds may not have an "A".