Tuesday 9 December 2014

Found my D2 CE Reservation "cube" & Warcraft: Orcs and Humans demo disk v1.0

Digging through my old games I found this promotional cube. 

It came with a reservation for Diablo 2 from Software ect. I, having faith that Diablo 2 was gonna be rad, pre-ordered the collectors edition. The Cube morphs into different images, mostly screenshots of D2. A cheap trinket, but maybe some of you remember it.

Also, I found the demo disk for Warcraft Orcs and Humans that Blizzard sent to my house long ago (via real mail!). 

You remember the customer survey cards that came in game boxes or gaming magazines? They asked questions like: age, how often you played, what systems you had, what genres you liked.... They also baited you by saying "Send this in for a chance to win prizes!" Well, I filled out a few of them as a kid, dreaming of winning something cool. The only thing i ever received over many years, was this demo for some company called Blizzard. I played this demo over and over.

I have found no record on the internet of the physical demo disk. So, I am going to assume that Blizzard sent me the only one. Thank you Bliz zard.

Here is a scan of all the warcraft loot I got with that demo disk: