Wednesday 25 February 2015

Blizzard should stop making 6 piece set and more smaller set

Last season, my main was a crusader. Although I enjoyed the class very much, gearing process slowed down a lot after getting full akkhan set. Pretty much after having the set, most of dropped pieces will be either akkhan or salvage. Of course you will still be optimizing your other slots but the akkhan set limits your choice a lot.

So this season I decided to main monk instead, and boy, gearing experience is much better. Monk main set, Sunwukong, only needs 4 pieces so after you get full set, you still have plenty of slot to fill out. Want cdr? Crimson/Born ftw. Want more tanky? Inna or Aughchild. Firebell? Cindercoat. Temper rush build? Hex pants. Basically, you can have ton of customizations and choices to make. And choice is what make game like this fun.

Therefore, I think Blizzard should make more smaller set instead of having 6 piece set with generic bonus like 500 stat gain. I would take more options and choices over 500 stat any time. What do you guys think about this?