Wednesday 4 February 2015

Season 1 Has Ended!

Season 1 has officially ended! With that, there are some things will happen to lay the groundwork for Season 2.
  • Seasonal characters will be converted to non-season
  • Currency (Gold and Blood Shards) will be combined with your non-season currency.
  • Note: While Blood Shards can go over the cap of 500, you will not be able to earn anymore until you spend below 500.
  • Paragon Experience will be combined with your non-season experience
  • Note: Paragon will not convert on a level-to-level basis, it is based on total experience.
  • Any items in your Seasonal stash will be mailed to your non-seasonal characters. You can retreive them from here as you wish, but you have 30 days to claim all of them from the first time you log in, or they will be deleted.
  • Artisan Recipies and Progress will be rolled into your non-season artisans.
  • If you have more stash slots on your Seasonal characters than non-seasonal, those extra slots will transfer into non-season.
  • Any achievements that you have earned on Seasonal characters will transfer to non-season.
  • Season 1 Conquests will not roll-over; if they weren't earned in Season 1, there will be no way to earn them now.
  • Season 1 leaderboards will be locked and no more progress can be made on them. They will be available in game and on the website for historical data.
  • Season 2 begins Friday, February 13th at 6PM PST

For more detailed information on the end-of-season process, please click this link to go to the Diablo 3 Blog.