Tuesday 31 March 2015

Disney Princesses as Diablo Characters Artwork

A player named Naekole has created Disney Princess + Diablo Character artwork for 12 Disney Princesses and we wanted to share these awesome creations with you!

The idea to create these originally came from "Random Drawing Idea Generator 3.0" and "Disney Princess + Barbarian" was rolled so she decided to draw Snow White as a Barbarian. After Snow White was finished she decided to just do one for each of the Disney Princesses.

Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Follow naekole on twitter for more updates on her art! (http://twitter.com/naekole) or visit her website (http://naekoleart.com) to check out more of her work!

Wizard + Elsa

Amazon + Merida

Rogue + Rapunzel

Witch Doctor + Tiana

Monk + Mulan

Druid + Pocahontas

Assassin + Jasmine

Paladin + Belle

Necromancer + Ariel

Sorceress + Aurora