Saturday 28 March 2015

Hellfire amulets need to roll with a socket.

The rng possibilities on the amulet are absurd. And every single amulet needs a socket no matter what. Same with hellfire rings.

Honestly the idea of jewelry coming with a socket roll aside from any of it's primary/second affix slot isn't too bad. I know "ahh catering to even more casuals ahhhh", but even in a "lore" aspect it fits well. Imagine that each ring or amulet you find is just the base and the gem you socket into it is the stone one would actually find in a piece of jewelry.

Aside from the gameplay changes (which in my honest opinion, is not such an enormous change that deserves riot, you still need to find the right affixes, on top of ancient status, on top of builds that look for specific pieces such as Hellfire or Skull Grasp), the idea kind of makes sense.