Thursday 16 April 2015

DatModz just found a HUGE exploit

People getting 4k+ bloodshards from goblins. He just tested it on stream. I really hope Blizzard fixes this asap and takes action against those guys with 700k+ bloodshards who did it on purpose.

And no, I won't tell how he did it - yet

This is from Blizzards official Exploitation policy:

Accounts participating in exploitative behavior are suspended or closed based on the severity of the offense. See our In-Game and Forum Violations article for additional information on penalties that may be applied to accounts found in violation of these policies.
Bug Exploitation
Sometimes bugs can be used to provide an unfair advantage to certain players or to negatively affect the service itself. Factors included in determining an appropriate penalty for knowing exploitation of a bug include:
Whether or not the exploit is performed intentionally, maliciously, and/or repeatedly.
Whether or not the exploit damages another character, their gameplay, the service itself, and/or its economy.
Whether or not an attempt has been made to conceal the exploit's use.
Bug exploitation that we consider extreme includes, but is not limited to:
Any exploit that has a severe negative impact on a realm's economy. Causing disruption in service or intentionally crashing a realm/server.