Sunday 5 April 2015

I cleared a GR10! (Or the casual solo-player actually accomplished something)

I don't really have any friends who would be able to understand my excitement, but I just had to tell it to someone!

I play D3 by myself. I have two friends who have the game, but they don't really play. So I've always just kind of done it alone.

Things like Greater Rifts, T6, legendary sets and ancient items have always sounded really cool, but for me, the lowly solo player with not much time, they would be a far away dream that I never had much hope of really accomplishing.

I just got ROS when season 2 started. And even though I've had D3 since launch, my first character (a monk) was my highest and only at level 50something.

But when I got the expansion and season 2 started, I made a goal that I would cap my new Wizard at level 70. To me, that seemed like a huge deal.

So I began my struggle. With bounties and rifts leveling seemed faster, but I still had to bounce between difficulties, hovering somewhere around expert depending on the bounty I had to do. Malthael was a nightmare for me, even on expert.

Slowly but surely I got better gear and things started getting easier for me until finally, just the other day, I decided (after a few failed attempts in the past) that I would try Torment again.

I cleared a normal rift on Torment and was ecstatic when a Keystone of Trials dropped. I second guessed myself, but decided to go for it and at least try.

I cleared it and a GR10 key dropped for me, and I went for it. It was entirely stressful, I didn't want to fail on my first try, but I cleared it before the timer ran out! And honestly, for me, the person who thought they'd never do a Greater Rift at all, and was happy to even cap, I was completely elated.

It might not seem like much for people who clear the highest level GRs many times a day, but for me, It was the most amazing thing that's ever happened since I played d3.

Now season 2 is ending and I don't expect I'll progress any further. But now that I've come this far, for season 3, my goal is to reach all the way to T6!