Thursday 14 May 2015

Demon Hunter: UE Build Guide

I thought too many people were asking the same questions, so here is a list of attributes you want from your equipment. Without a doubt, ancient gear will be best, but for a weapon, ancient is a must.

  • Weapon: ancient, 1.1 attack speed*, % damage, dex, % resource, discipline (freeze on hit if there's extra secondary slot)
  • Quiver: Dead Man's Legacy: dex, attack speed, crit chance, % resource or hatred regen, Multishot, discipline
  • UE helm: dex, Multishot, crit chance, socket
  • UE shoulder: dex, resource cost, cooldown, chill on hit
  • Neck: (mostly flexible) Hellfire, Xephirian, Julia, or Aranoch: dex/elemental damage, crit damage, crit chance, socket
  • UE glove: dex, crit damage, crit chance, resource cost, stun on hit
  • UE torso: dex, vit, hatred regen, discipline, 3 sockets
  • Bracer: Reaper's Wraps: elemental damage, dex, vit, crit chance
  • Ring: Focus: dex, crit chance, crit damage, socket
  • Belt: Witching Hour: dex, vit, IAS, crit damage
  • Ring 2: Restraint: dex, crit chance, crit damage, socket
  • UE pants: dex, vit, all res, 2 sockets, slow on hit
  • UE boots: dex, vit, movement, Multishot, immobilize on hit
  • Gems: Zei, Banes, Iceblink

One thing I don't know is whether to get area damage or vit on shoulder.

  • There are few exceptions of course. Krider, Calamity, and Windforce are viable options.