Tuesday 30 June 2015

Blizzard Warns Gamers About Data Mined Diablo 3 Info

The team at Blizzard in charge of Diablo 3 is telling fans of the title to take all the information that it extracted from game files and offered by various sources as a clear indication about the future of the title with a grain of salt because it is often based on data that might be changed relatively quickly.

On the official forums, the company explains that there's a lot of experimentation going on and that info linked to the game elements might give the fan community the wrong idea about the way the experience will evolve.

Blizzard adds, "There's already a couple of strings I've seen that I can confirm are not making it into this patch for various reasons. Cursed Realms continue to be an internal experiment and will not be appearing in Patch 2.3.0. The ability to level a Legendary up to your level using the Kanai's Cube was pulled because it created a lot of unforeseen interactions and nasty bugs that will take too long for us to implement for this particular patch (though we may revisit it at a later date)."

The 2.3.0 major patch for Diablo 3 is at the moment in the final development stages before it arrives on the Public Test Realms.

Once it gets there, a small number of players will be able to explore the new mechanics and core changes before the entire player community gets access to it.
Diablo 3 is continuing to evolve, new expansion might be coming

Data mining has become a good way for the most dedicated fans of big franchises to get a look at how developers are planning to improve them in coming patches or expansions.

But as Blizzard explains, there's also a chance that info might be based on old files or on leftovers.

The development team is now working on the 2.3.0 patch, but other rumors are suggesting that they are also creating a new major expansion that will be launched for Diablo 3 in 2016.

It seems that gamers will be able to get access to a new character class to use, more environments to explore, and a range of enemies to deal with, while the Season mode will also be improved.