Thursday 18 June 2015

Diablo is awesome

Diablo is a masterpiece, i remember the first time i played it around 1998 and i got hooked straight away. My mother got angry at me for neglecting my school works and just sitting and playing Diablo. Many of my friends played Diablo also so we competed against each other alot who was the best and so on. My friend Fredrik who was worst at Diablo is still getting teased to this day of his lack of skills in the game. 

Everybody gets older and you move on to other games and interest. But it was still something with Diablo that made me keep on playing it. The mystery in Diablo 2 is still something that can make reminess the game and the exitement.

I remember when Nintendo was planning to launch Diablo on Nintendo 64 but failed miserably. But obvously it naver happened. Same with Diablo Junior for Gameboy also failed due to high cost. To be honest im quite happy it didnt happen because i see Diablo as a game on the computer not on a console like Nintendo or Gameboy.  Blizzard did a fine job so no need to involve other companies. Nintendo is good other games like Mario and Zelda and they should stick to that. 

Many people who play Diablo also like E-sports like LOL, Dota, CSGo etc and the exitement to be able to bet on esports is exiting. People who like esport bet on many things. For example some play casino online.  Games like Blackjack, Roulette and Spilleautomater. It's a fun and exiting way to win some extra money. The biggest win so far on a jackpot has been 17 million euros on a slotmachine called Mega fortune. That is crazy! If i won 17 million i would develop my own computer game and make it awesome!