Wednesday 8 July 2015

Here is my Hammerdin soloing grift 50 on PTR.

1:40 for the start of the rift, 5:00 for when the rift gets good (the first level I got lost in a bit and mob density wasn't great).

The point of the build was more to demonstrate the mechanics of the new set. From 50, I started to climb 2 grifts an attempt. Everything was going swell, but despite getting a pretty good grift, I barely made time in 54. Looking at the leaderboard, there are hammerdins who are as high as 59. So I sold out and peaked at their build. As I mentioned elsewhere, cubing the flail and going furnace is way better. Despite what I thought was a good enough amulet to warrant going 1Her + Holy, I threw on the furnace and went fire (using some of my old fire gear from Roland's). Cleared Grift 54 with 4:26 left (check leaderboard for proof. LetMeTapThat). Definitely go 2H with this build, imo.

A screen shot of my new setup  and skills:

Notable changes are no more focus and restraint. Instead using Unity + CoE, with zodiac in the cube. Cindercoat as armor cube (no more need for St. Andrew Gage, you are INCREDIBLY tanky with falling sword + unity + iron skin + resist gem + akkarat prophet), and flail for weapon cube. Skills are mixed around, as you will see in the screenshot. The build was taken straight from the guy on top of the leaderboard (grift 59), except I changed shield glare - divine verdict for falling sword because I'm a pussy and I want more damage mitigation.

For climbing higher grifts (my guess is 56+), I think you will have to swap some of your survivability for dps (i.e., shield glare - divine verdict instead of falling sword, etc). But I personally like to climb as tanky as possible until I can't make time, and then slowly begin adding in DPS. Personal preference!

Just did GR 56 with a modified build (holy), after jumping around from holy to fire, back to holy. Haven't tried 57, but considering that I only had 2 minutes left in 56 and I got a dream RG (considering my ammy), then I think 56 is my ceiling atm.