Tuesday 21 July 2015

Here's a chart that shows a big issue with Paragon XP scaling per level


Feel free to verify your own level.

At paragon 1500 you need ~109,074M XP, which, if you farm at 100B/h takes you 1h5m26.7s. The next level requires ~109,197M which at the same rate as before will take you 1h5m31.1s. A whopping 4.4 seconds longer than the previous level took... and this is true for all levels from 750 and up since the increase in XP needed per level is a static 122.4M XP.

The small peaks at the very low end of the scale are from lvl 59 to 72. I expected to see artifacts around 100 since we had a cap at Paragon 100 at some point, but I can't explain the variations from 59 to 72.

From paragon 500 to paragon 750 there is an increase of 20.4M for every 50 levels in steps. These are easily seen on the graph. For some unknown reason that trend stops abruptly at paragon 750 and becomes a steady increase of 122.4M until at least paragon 1900+.