Sunday 22 November 2015

Diablo 3's new patch has a clever Fallout easter egg

We're used to open-world games like Fallout 4 hiding plenty of easter eggs, but it seems the folks over at Blizzard want to pay respect to what is surely one of the biggest games of the year.

Hidden in Diablo 3's newest patch is a legendary gem called "Boyarsky's Chip."

Its description reads: "This fragment of a gem, called a chip,w as discovered in an underground vault by old man Boyarsky, who fashioned it into the beautiful gem it is today. It damages those who would damge its owner, and once inserted into a socket, it will never fall out."

To most, it's probably just another item -- adding 30,000 Thorns with the ability to taunt the first enemy hit by your Primary skills for 2 seconds.

However, if you know the history of Diablo 3's development team, you'll realize this item is actually in reference to Fallout. As pointed out by Kotaku, Leonard Boyarsky is the name of a Diablo 3 developer who also happened to be the art director of Fallout and gameplay designer of Fallout 4.

Suddently the line "...once instered into a socket, it will never fall out," makes a whole lot of sense.