Friday 6 November 2015

Why Is There No Diablo Themed Slot Machine Game?

There is no need to say that Diablo is a legendary game. Just by looking or hearing of the name you know it’s a great game even if you didn’t know of it before. So, why is there no Diablo themed slot machine game? There is a Dungeons & Dragons slot made by Konami, and if Dungeons & Dragons deserved to have a casino game, Diablo deserves one too.

Konami are a great gaming company, but maybe NetEnt would be more suited to develop a Diablo slot. After all, NetEnt has collected many awards for its 3D games. Diablo could easily be the next NetEnt slot nominated as Game of the Year, and would surely win.

I bet it would be nothing short of a spectacular slot game. Imagine it, entering a land-based and seeing a slot machine with a caricature of Diablo, the Lord of Terror standing atop the slot. Or, even better, seeing your favorite PC game in an online casino and when you click on the game you are introduced to an awesome 3D animated intro and bloody cut-scenes as you hit the winning reel combinations.

There could be interesting ways of building up your winnings when you play the game, for example, by acquiring items, learning spells and defeating enemies just like in the game. Something similar that comes in my mind is the Tower Quest slot by Play’n Go where you can collect potions that you can use for different bonus games. A Diablo slot would be even better, the perfect fantasy slot machine game.

At the start you would be able to choose one of the three classes, sorcerer, rogue or warrior, and with each class would come a unique skill that you can use to enhance your winnings. Their strongest attributes could be utilized in the game play as well.