Wednesday 9 December 2015

Tal Rasha DR Mechanics

Just dropping in to bring this mechanic to light. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this but the DR mechanic (4pc) does not stack the same way or maintain its buff the same way as the 6pc dmg does.

Here is a link I submitted explaining the mechanic on the PTR discussion forums:

Basically, when you cast all four elements to gain the full effect of the 6 piece, the 4 piece does not stay stacked with the 6 piece. If you don't keep triggering the DR buff with a different element (all 4) every 8 seconds it falls off and there's no buff indicator to tell you otherwise.

This came a major disappointment for me. Also, this has been an issue since Tal's was buffed previously and there hasn't been a fix for it.

If the devs want it to stay different and act accordingly, then there needs to be a debuff icon on the UI.

Curious as to what ya'll think.