Tuesday 19 January 2016

Anyone else hate the set dungeon masteries?

The Barb one for the Might of the Earth set is terrible, you have to basically unequip your shit so you can not kill the mobs too fast so you can do the special skill order (that nobody using ANY of the current builds would be doing anyways). You're stuck having to leap, then ground stomp then earthquake each elite as well as freeze and kill mobs for a minute straight, never mind that the density of the dungeon is piss poor and the mobs are paper so they die instantly when you look at them or freeze them with an earthquake. You now have to drag that part out and try and find mobs for long enough to kill the minute of time you need to freeze them in order, but HOPEFULLY you don't run into an elite because if you do and you accidentally kill him or dont do the special combo, you're fucked.

Whoever thought it was a great idea to require you to use a skill on 7 different elites with a 1 minute cooldown timer in under 5 minutes is terrible. Yes you can use mechanics to shorten the cooldown, but it's still a stupid design because most of the time you're REQUIRED to spam attacks and fury dump just to make sure your earthquake is up before you run into the next elite.

It's so counter intuitive and stupid, it's the complete opposite of how you play the entire rest of the game where you're trying to clear quickly.

And god forbid for some reason it doesnt detect you using the earthquake or stomp and you blow your cooldown by mistake, you better run away quick and pray that the elite doesnt kill itself on your existing earthquake etc or you're fucked and have to start over again. Better spam some rocks into walls and hope you can get that earthquake up again in time.

And don't even think of using your templar, because he will definitely fuck everything up for you.

If you pull ALL of that off in time (good luck) THEN you have to find and kill every mob in the dungeon before the rest of your timer runs out!

Fucking. Ridiculous.

It's just poor design, the mechanics are not things you'd do naturally in the game, so you have to go out of your way to complete it. It reminds me of ridiculous asinine achievements in some games where it would never happen naturally unless you go out of your way to do them.

To me, that's a hallmark of poor design, when I have to bust my ass to jump through hoops that goes against the spirit of normal gameplay.

In sum, I fucking hate masteries, the objectives are terrible and counter intuitive and I hate that I have to do it for my season journey as a requirement because I'm basically going to have to game it and play as terribly as possible in order to fulfill it's silly checklist.