Monday 22 February 2016

Blizzard should add an API for Greater-rift clear data

There is already a nice API for getting hero/item data. If Blizzard were to open up to allow the community to access Greater Rift clear times database, it would mean that we would have the possibility to create our own leaderboards. Say a leaderboard for sub-1000 Paragon for example. Or separate leaderboards for each 2-player combination of classes. Want to know what the best Wizard+crusader 2p GR is? With such an API that would be possible, and open up for people that don't play the exact optimized meta-flavor of the day, but still want to see how they compare to others. As it is now, unless you player one of the two or three combinations that is "best", you have no chance to see how you stack up against others.

Unfortunately I think the database load of allowing such queires (as there would be quite a lot of complex "ORDER BY" statements running against the huge dataset that I assume GR clears consists of) I doubt we will ever see this. But it would have been nice!