Sunday 28 February 2016

I'm convinced Blizzard changed the Exploding Palm icon just to see if people still played the game.

There's no way on earth anybody could actually, in good faith, consider this an improvement over this, which leads me to believe they're engaging in some weird social experiment to measure what percentage of the active playerbase will actually complain about an objectively awful change. Or maybe just a honeypot, where if nobody complains Blizzard can assume that 100% of the server population are bots.

Seriously - which enemies have EP applied here? (hint: more than one)

What about here?

Bonus round: How many EPs have been applied, and are they the Cold rune or Lightning rune?

A development team that wrote a 1,600-word blog about fastidiously choosing the right colors decided that this was an "improvement" over the old, easily-visible indicators? Give me a break!