Thursday 17 March 2016

Patch 2.4.1 Changes Welcome by Some, Hated by Others

Diablo III's upcoming 2.4.1 patch hasn't even landed yet, but it's already managed to raise quite a bit of controversy. Apparently, this patch won't really touch game mechanics or other essential aspects of game-play. Instead, it will focus on esthetics as the changes it will deliver have been defined as "cosmetic". Thus far, the world of Diablo III hasn't really been cosmetics-friendly. The only way players could pick up a set of wings or a special pet was by attending a Blizzard event or buying a collectors' edition of the game. All that will change now, whether for the better, remains to be seen. What's certain though is that patch 2.4.1 will unleash the mother lode of wings, critters and various outfit-bits which will cover not only the Diablo, but the entire Blizzard lore.

On the PTR, the patch is already live and players have already picked up some pretty radical items from various bosses and uber bosses. The uber version of Maghda for instance drops something called the Wings of Kokabiel, which are essentially some rather impressive-looking butterfly wings guaranteed to deliver a massive blow to the game's traditionally bleak and gloomy atmosphere, despite the fact that they do feature a skull-pattern on their backs. When something like this gets coupled with a marine helmet from Starcraft, hilarity will definitely ensue and some of the players who are more into the current atmosphere of the game will definitely be rubbed the wrong way.

Discussion regarding the patch 2.4.1 changes is obviously already underway and as predicted, some people are indeed up in arms about the coming ridiculousness. While simply not making use of the cosmetic items is always an option, one won't really be able to un-see the carnival costumes some of their peers will inevitable don.

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