Monday 25 April 2016

Gardens of Hope Level 1 Mysterious Chest Location

I made an image for the possible locations of the Mysterious Chest for the Falcon's Wings:

Update 21.04.2016 I added images for the three Mysterious Chest Maps and put them in a Dropbox-Folder (so I don't have to reupdoad all of them on imgur when we change sth.):

Mysterious Chest Maps

  • I won't add normal chests into these Images anymore since this would overload it
  • Since all maps (except gardens of Hope 1) are randomly (modular) generated, I added a few into the images
  • I added the locations based on modular places on the map (e.g the dungeon entry at eternal woods), because I think they can spawn there too. This is just an assumption !

If you know more locations, feel free to write it down, and I will add them into the picture.

Answers to frequently asked Questions:
  • All new Cosmetic Items can be obtained on every Game mode (Season HC/SC, Nonseason HC/SC) and will be available one all the other Game modes imediately
  • The Mysterious Chests have a rare chance of spawning, but if they do, they drop the item 100% sure for all players in the group
  • The new Cosmetic Items (including these Mysterious Chests) will be available as soon as Patch 2.4.1 goes live