Monday 2 May 2016

Diablo III Season 6 Launches

Diablo III's 6th season has launched following the launch of patch 2.4.1 (1.13 on PS4) and it's off to a roaring start. The patch is an absolute must for those who intend to compete in Season 6, as it sets up the stage for it. The patch notes are a long list of Item Updates, Bug Fixes, Adventure Mode and User Interface Updates as well as a few general tweaks and additions. The patch improves game performance in an impressive number of ways while adding all the bells and whistles needed to get Season 6 going. At, there's a detailed list of these changes, including detailed explanations every step of the way. Here, we'll only point out an interface improvement that's probably the most needed/welcome: additional stash tab icons.

Season 6 comes with a plethora of rewards for players, some of them cosmetic, others very practical indeed, which we have already covered in a previous piece. In addition to all the items though, Season 6 brings new conquests as well, so there will be plenty of content for players to sink their greedy little fangs into. Quick players will love the Speed Demon and Boss Mode, which feature strict time-limits. Lone wolves will like Lionhearted and Divinity, while grinders will be happy to grind up 350 monsters for the Cursed Chest of Curses!

Something that one should always keep an eye on though is botting: potentially well-capable of ruining the Season (as has been proven in previous outings), botting has apparently been tackled by Blizzard this time around. Whether that is indeed true and to what extent botters can be weeded out remains to be seen however.

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