Sunday 26 June 2016

When Will Diablo 4 Be Out?

We don't know a whole lot about Blizzard's Diablo-related, behind-the-scenes plans, except for the fact that work has more or less ceased on Diablo III and that the game will not get any additional expansion packs. Still though, there are things stirring Diablo-wise, things Blizzard don't see too keen on sharing. They are hiring people for a job that the community speculates could only be Diablo 4. A couple of days ago, apparently a new job announcement was made, so now Blizzard are looking for a Software Engineer, a Senior Animator and an Animator, in addition to a Senior Concept Artist, a Senior Character Artist and a Senior VFX artist. That lineup is indeed quite indicative of a serious project in the works, a project many are still suspecting to be  Diablo III add-on...or Diablo 4. The previous option is obviously not really likely, considering the string of personnel who have left the project team recently.

Diablo III's Lead World Designer Leonard Boyarsky has moved to "Obsidian", while Don Vu and John Yang have been moved to Legion, the upcoming WoW expansion. The latest big name to leave the project was Jay Wilson, the game director, who has made a big fuss about leaving the gaming industry altogether.

To add the cherry onto the top of the Diablo secrecy cake, the company has banned visitors from the Diablo development area at their campus in Irvine, California. Obviously, something big is in the works, but Blizzard have thus far refused to comment on exactly what they are working on in this respect. The bottom line is though that as abandoned and desolate as the Diablo scene looks right now, things are apparently still on the right track for the franchise. It is only a matter of time till Blizzard come out with a major Diablo announcement.

Philip Thalberg works for eSports Whitelabel solution provider