Saturday 30 July 2016

Archbishop Lazarus cheats

I was feeling nostalgic so I decided to do a play-through of D1 for the first time in years. Got to the end of the game, opened the red portal to face Lazarus and stepped through... only for the game to freeze. Thinking maybe the cd had somehow misaligned, I opened the drive to check and discovered this treachery:

The disc was my original copy from the 90s that I've had since it released and it has seen more hours of play than I'd like to admit... rest in pieces, old friend.

You've won this time, Diablo.......

edit: on a whim I contacted Blizzard CS to let them know what happened and on the off chance they had a replacement policy for a game old enough to vote. here's the response I got:

Pretty much the reply I expected, but I can't fault their fast turn-around on tickets or friendly CS. :)