Sunday 17 July 2016

Thank you Blizzard Developers

I've been taking a tiny break from Diablo and playing XCOM2 and It allowed me to step out of the Diablo communities and world a little bit and get some much needed perspective. Most games are put in a box, or downloaded, and that's the end of the story. Then the game dies. With Diablo, among other games, you buy a product, and that product is worked on and adjusted constantly. The community complains or points something out, they work on it. Community complains again, they work on it. They have done so much work for us. They are so committed to Diablo and all they get is shit. From me included.

So, with some additional perspective, thank you Blizzard and the developers for constantly working on this game. Yeah, there is always something else I'd love you to work on. But you're getting there, and its amazing that you continue to listen and work on this stuff.