Monday 12 September 2016

Does Blizzcon Have Something for Diablo Fans?

Proper news regarding Diablo III have been few and far between lately, but the fans of the game have obviously not given up on hearing something significant about the IP. Every time there's a major industry event somewhere, rumors arise followed by expectation and then - all too often - disappointment. That was exactly the case at  last month's Gamescom, which came and went without having delivered a single digit of Diablo III-related news. Granted though, Blizzard hadn't mentioned anything Diablo-related in the run-up to Gamescom either.

The next such event on the radar is Blizzcon, which is due to land on November 4 and 5. While Blizzard have yet again kept mum about Diablo in regards to Blizzcon, the community is once again full of hope thanks to a seemingly random exchange of tweets between a fan and the official Blizzard Twitter account. The said fan had tweeted at the official account that he hoped something big would be announced Diablo-wise at Blizzcon, in response to which Blizzard tweeted out that "Blizzcon will be really cool this year". That reply has been taken as a sure sign by some Diablo fans that something big is in the works.

While announcements will definitely be made at Blizzcon, they're far from guaranteed to be about Diablo at all. Some say Blizzard will announce a sort of re-mastering of its old games like Diablo II and Starcraft, but some hope that Diablo II will be remade using current graphics-engines. A sequel reboot or an another Diablo III expansion is also hoped for. Obviously, the idea of a Diablo IV announcement was floated as well, but that is admittedly the least likely at this point.

Perhaps the most interesting hypothesis is that Blizzard may announce a mobile Diablo version, something that would indeed fit into the picture and would definitely be as "big" as they come...

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