Wednesday 28 September 2016

The slow-burn Diablo teaser from 2008

Remember these? I was so stoked/hopeful that it was going to be an announcement for Diablo III:

For the unfamiliar: Blizzard put up a page on the main home page the Monday before the WWI Invitational in 2008. It had been years of famine for the Diablo franchise, so hope was faint and tainted.

I remember examining those runes in detail, finding hidden (i.e. non-existent) patterns in the ice, inverting the image, etc. At the time the presentation was generic enough that we weren't sure that it was Diablo (unlike the SC2 reveal), which made the slow roll even better. There was also a hidden 'red herring' image embedded in the css:

Would love another reveal like this. Mostly because it means there's something to reveal.