Monday 10 October 2016

Diablo 2 Best Single Player Early game builds

Ive recently pickup up playing diablo 2 again after many years and its still great. It seems like most of the information about the game trailed off around patch 1.11. Blizzard implemented the respec in 1.13 and most guides dont account for this. Im wondering what you guys think are the best builds for each class based on early game requirements. Here are mine.

  • Druid: Fizzure
  • Paladin: Holy Fire
  • Amazon: Charged Strike
  • Sorc: Fire Ball
  • Assassin: Fire Traps
  • Necro: Skeletons
  • Barb: Double Swing

The Necro is obvious being the definitive best single player build IMO. Fire seems to have an advantage because of the Leaf Runeword, so assassin, druid, sorc and possibly pally lean towards fire. Zon could go Poison Jav or Charged strike, and Barb well IDK. Other runewords that might change the meta here? Spirit, Ryhme, Ancients Pledge..?