Friday 14 October 2016

No Diablo Slots? Play These Fantasy Slot Machines Instead

A year has passed since we've taken a look at how great a slot machine Diablo would be. A year has passed, and there's still no Diablo-inspired slot machine available - not in the >Royal Vegas Mobile Casino, not in the glittery gambling houses of the Las Vegas Strip. Diablo might not have made it to the world of slot machines, but there are still quite a few fantasy-themed slots for us to try - like the ones below.

Dragon's Myth

Any proper fantasy world must have at least one dragon, right? And, as today's most popular fantasy TV series has shown us, a young and relatively innocent female to tame it. You'll find this same idea adopted to the Dragon's Myth slot machine, only in a more playful way. Available for free play at the Royal Vegas Mobile Casino, Dragon's Myth is a beautiful slot machine. Its graphics are crisp and realistic, and its dragons look like they're ready to jump out of the screen and bite you. Our protagonist - a teenage redhead dragon hunter - has to catch one of each dragon species in order to be able to head over to the mountaintop and fight the big dragon - and win big in the process.

Hot as Hades

Fantasy often reaches out for inspiration to mythology - and so does this game. Hot as Hades takes on Greek mythology in a funnier way. First of all, it destroys the myth of Hades being a bad guy (which he wasn't). Instead, the Hades you'll meet at the Royal Vegas Casino is a party animal, looking to make the most of his underground realm: he dives head first into pools of molten lava, he flies around using his (invisible) jet pack, and plays with his puppy, Cerberus, who happens to have two extra heads (and tongues, of course). During the game, Hades has to go on a quest to recover the legendary Crystal Helm. To do this, he has to get past some other mythical Greeks, like Medusa, Poseidon, and Zeus himself. And, of course, he (and the player) has to win big in the process.

Thunderstruck II

Speaking of mythology: thanks to the recent ascension of Marvel's superheroes, the Norse gods are enjoying a newfound fame, even if they are depicted as aliens. Not that they weren't a popular source of inspiration before - just look at Rune, one of the best fantasy / RPG / third person shooter games ever created. Thunderstruck II, a game you'll find at the Royal Vegas Casino, reaches back to the times when Norse gods roamed the land in a unique way - in the form of a slot machine. On its reels you'll have the chance to meet legendary characters, like Odin, Loki, a Valkyrie, and Thor himself. While there's no real story in the game, its