Monday 20 February 2017

[2.4.3] Crusader builds (google doc list) | Including 20+ builds and the most viable builds

I was and I still am working on the Crusader build list for the current Patch 2.4.3.

The list includes meta and fun/anti-meta builds.
Almost every build includes links to a
- written guide,
- d3planner overview and/or
- a gameplay video or a video guide

Currently there are:
Amount of Torment 10+ builds: 15+ (2 meta builds)
Amount of group GR builds: 3+ (0 meta builds)
Amount of solo GR builds: 3+ (2 meta builds)

For the Greater Rift section I decided to only add the very popular builds that you can find on the leaderboards.
I know that you can force a lot of builds going for GR80+ (especially with high paragons/augments) but I find it necessary to keep the GR section as viable as possible.

Edit: Here is also the Demon Hunter build list I posted a few weeks ago: