Monday 27 March 2017

[2.5.0] Build lists: Barbarian, Crusader & Demon Hunter updated

Quick reminder that the build lists for Barbarian, Crusader and Demon Hunter are updated to Patch 2.5

Beside typo changes to all current builds, here are most important changelogs:

New builds:
- Demon Hunter: Shadow's Mantle T13 Impale
- Demon Hunter: Shadow's Mantle GR100+ Group Impale DPS
- Demon Hunter: Shadow's Mantle GR90+ Solo Impale

Updated builds:
- Demon Hunter: Old Impale builds have been removed
- Barbarian: Might of the Earth GR90+ using Seismic Slam & WotB (was Ancient Spear & Seismic Slam before)
- Crusader: Roland's Legacy T13 Sweep Attack (up from T12)
- Crusader: Roland's Legacy T12 Shield Bash (up from T11)