Tuesday 14 March 2017

Diablo III desperately needs an Arcade Mode

When I say "Arcade Mode," I mean a play mode like Hearthstone's Tavern Brawl, or Overwatch's Arcade. There should be some kind of content players can participate in that feels very different from the tired rifting we've been doing since Reaper of Souls launched. Here are some examples of what I mean, but these could really be anything:

Battle Arena (Seasonal, Competetive)
  • 3 on 3 Team Deathmatch
  • Two teams of three pre-equipped level 70 characters battle in an arena (for balance reasons)
  • Win games to climb the ranked arena ladder each season
  • Earn rewards based on your ladder performance at the end of the season

Chaos Rift (Weekly, Solo)
  • Complete a greater rift using the specified class and skills, which are randomized each week
  • Beat it at T1, T6, and T10 difficulties to unlock rewards for that week
  • Compete in the weekly leaderboards for highest greater rift level completion time

Onslaught Rogue-like (Permanent, Cooperative)

  1. You and three others battle through massive waves of demons of ever increasing power
  2. Everyone starts at level 1, and players gain experience and loot as they complete waves together.
  3. If all players are killed at the end of the wave, the run ends.
  4. Compete on the global leaderboards for highest wave completion

Boss Rush (Weekly, Cooperative)
  • You and a partner attempt to defeat the five Act Bosses as fast as possible
  • Both players use a pre-built level 70 character, with randomly generated gear and skills each week
  • Compete in the weekly leaderboards for fastest completion time