Tuesday 11 April 2017

How Craftable Set bonuses could look like in the current state of Diablo 3

Recently I was thinking about how to make craftable Sets great/fun/viable/useful again.
To be honest, besides the Sage's Journey Set (and Cains/Borns before the experience got nerfed), the craftable Set bonuses weren't really useful or even fun.
So I was thinking about, how they could look like, updated on the current state of Diablo 3.

I was trying to keep them fun and usable for all classes and not important enough to use them for leaderboards pushing. All of them should look optional and fun for grinding or farming in general. It should add different playstyles while rifting, doing bounties or even complete new playstyles to grind experience or death's breath.

On top of that, something I didn't mention in the imgur:

How about a Magic Find rework:
"Magic Find (could also be renamed to something else) now increases the chance for a legendary to roll ancient or primal ancient.
Can now roll as a secondary affix on armor and jewelry slots.
Can roll 3-6% on each item."