Sunday 23 April 2017

The Elemental Might [ New Jewelry Ideas ]


As we have only few jewelry pieces that can be used in endgame builds, I wonder if we could come up with some ideas that could compete with high end gear. My suggestion:

THE ELEMENTAL MIGHT - legendary ring

The element you have immunity to, have it's damage increased 75%.

So if you have, let's say Xephirian amulet, you will have immunity to cold and thus 75% increased cold damage along with the amulet's healing part. Could be usable in some builds as it is very powerful but still demands a use of non-dps amulet. So it's like immunity + healing + dps combo. Unlike Endless Walk (set), this legendary ring or the immunity amulet can be cubed, of course.

Ideally they should buff or re-design most of the unused legendary jewelry to be on par. What do you think? Share your ideas!