Wednesday 17 May 2017

Path of Diablo: Ladder Reset Announcement (May 12)

The new ladder will start on May 12

New to Path of Diablo? Click here to learn how you can join us this ladder reset.

Patch Information
Alongside the ladder reset we will be releasing Patch #11 (Kyanite). The tentative and finalized patch notes we will be released sometime between now and the release. The patch itself will also release one or two days before the reset so that you can help test it for bugs in singleplayer.

Season 2 Ladder Rankings

The current ladder rankings will end on May 5th. This means if you want to improve your rank on the ladder page you have a week to do so. After this point the saved ladder will be available at . The servers will remain available until closer to the reset time. On reset day, characters will be converted over to non-ladder.

Ladder Reset Times

  • London (UK) May 12 @ 6pm (18:00)
  •  New York (US) May 12 @ 1pm (13:00
  • Frankfurt (GER) May 12 @ 7pm (19:00) 
  • San Francisco (US) May 12 @ 10:00am (10:00) 
  • Dallas (US) May 12 @ 12:01pm (12:00) 
  • Sydney (AUS) May 13 @ 3am (3:00) 
  • Moscow (RU) May 12 @ 8pm (20:00) 

Screenshot with more times

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