Thursday 7 September 2017

The Real Reason Why Sets are Buffed

Everyone is saying how Blizz is doing a great job buffing sets to make them viable, or some criticize them for power creep. etc etc

But the real reason why sets are getting stronger and GR limits are pushed higher is this - 20 years ago, that motha fucking Tyreal destroyed the motha fucking World Stone. The very device that limited the powers of Nephalems. Now that Pandora box has been opened, shits happening everywhere. Its entirely the fault of Tyreal and his Nephalem goons. This is the same shit that Inarius warned us about.

Ergo... in Diablo 4 - player takes the role of Diablo traveling to the dangerous place called Sanctuary battling bloodshard thirsty Nephalems in order to bring peace and salvation to the Burning Hells; which has frozen over under the powers of Angel of Tyranny - Tyreal and his frigid sword Azurewrath.