Wednesday 20 December 2017

A "blast" from the past?

I was one of many that were there on the very night Diablo 3 launched. I remember it so well as if it were yesterday. The launch party, the sausage fest and when I stood in line behind the many geeks to get my C.E edition of the game and how so excited I was.

On the night of release, I had my Red Bull + Whisky ready. Lights out. Perfect. I was thrilled and was counting the minute to get it installed.

You couldn't pre-load back then if you went with the C.E. edition. Game is installed, heart beats racing, I log in to see a queue asking me to wait for 1 hour!. So I waited patiently, and one hour later indeed I was in as the game promised but, just to find my self getting disconnected and having to do it again. Which I of course did. Many whiskey shots later and just as many hours after, I got in and I did not disconnect this time. I have chosen a barbarian. All looked perfect and I started and so did the endless headaches. From the Shielded elite affix that made the npcs accompanying the elite immune to damage until the elite dies to the very extreme damage of torment difficulty to the most importantly, Real Money Auction House, very low rate of anything at all whatsoever good dropping to the sudden removal of the Enchantress, which was reintroduced at later point in the final game.

People played during this time will remember so, so well, how God-like, the attack speed increase affix was at this time and how much of an incredible feat it was for an item to have +All res. Demon Hunters ruled initially but, Barbarian ruled supreme after with the WW build that made face rolling the game at the highest difficulties possible.

It was a living nightmare if there was ever one generally but I played it until the end of inferno and moved on with life and came back now so many years later to roll a Necromancer and ah, was I amazed with the changes!.