Sunday 3 December 2017

A simple thing I believe would buff Legacy of Nightmares without making it overpowered.

I’m sure we can all agree that 2.6.1 brought the best balance in the game so far. What I really miss is an opportunity to use LoN to at least some comparison to the 6-piece sets’ power.

The problem with LoN is (as stated a lot times already) that it is extremely hard to balance and simply buffing numbers won’t do any good.

So my idea:
Both rings to have an empty slot for a Legendary power that can be transferred to them ONLY from another ring – CoE, ORotZ, Ring of Emptiness, Band of Might, etc.

Why I think that would work well:
- The biggest damage boosters occupy ring slots – Ring of Emptiness, CoE, F&R, Traveler’s Pledge, Krysbin’s Sentence, so it would be a more natural buff to LoN.
- Playstyles like LoN Bomb Crusader, that are not so loved by the community, won’t be affected, because they already use CoE, and for Crus there are not any other damage boosting rings.
- The 6-piece sets can still use the same ring legendary powers, so it would be easier to balance.

I don’t mind LoN being inferior to 6-piece sets, but at the moment the power gap is just too big. Let me know what you think.