Wednesday 4 April 2018

Firebird set redesign concept: no longer dependent on the ignite mechanic

In my opinion the Firebird set is currently one of the more annoying sets to play, because you constantly need to drag one elite with you and keep it burning to be able to deal enough damage, which can be difficult to do from time to time and also because you are forced to always use three different fire skills to cause enemies to ignite in order to deal damage to them.

However, I thought how cool would it be if the Firebirds set would turn us into a pyromaniac that focuses on spamming skills - like throwing fireballs around – rather than being dependent on always having a certain amount of enemies around you ignited with several skills.

So here is my redesign concept:

  • (2) When you die, a Meteor falls from the sky and revives you. This effect has a 60 second cooldown. In addition to that, your fire skills ignite enemies for 5 seconds so they take xxx% weapon damage over the duration.
  • (4) When you attack with a fire skill, you gain a fire aura around you for ~10 seconds that damages enemies within an 8 yards radius for xxx% weapon damage as fire every second and you take 12% less damage – this effect an stack up to 5 times, up to a maximum of a 40 yard radius fire aura that deals xxxx% fire damage to enemies every second and 60% less damage taken.
  • (6) The damage of your fire skills is increased by 4000%

With this concept you only need one fire skills if you want, but you also could take more without any drawbacks and you are encouraged to spam your fire skills like a pyromaniac to increase the damage and the radius of the fire aura and also the to keep the damage reduction you get from it active.

The ignite effect is still in the set but got moved to the (2) piece set bonus and it only requires one single skill to start an enemy to ignite. It only deals additional damage over time and the rest of the set does not synergize with this like it does in the current live version of the game, so you are no longer dependent on having a certain amount of enemies around you burning or always dragging an elite with you in order to deal damage.

However, there maybe could be some optional complementary legendaries that benefit the Wizard when burning enemies are around, like a legendary that increases the Wizards attack speed depending on how many enemies nearby are ignited up to a maximum. I again want to stress out that these complementary legendaries should be optional and not mandatory.

If the Firebird set would be redesigned this way, you wouldn't be forced anymore to have three different fire skills on your bar and to ignite enemies with them, instead you could choose as much fire skills as you want, even if it is just a single one or several.