Friday 31 August 2018

Reading Book of Tyrael was painful when you realized how deeply Leah trusted Adria

In Book of Tyrael, there is an entire chapter devoted to Cain's writings on Adria, and how he suspected her of foul deeds. On nearly every page however, you saw Leah's words scribbled on the side in which she desperately tries to justify Adria's strange actions, and how reassured she is of her mother's goodness.

Most heartbreaking is the part where Leah is almost accusatory in her tone to Cain(who's dead already): Mother fought the evils in her own way. Doesn't mean she was wrong, uncle.

In the final page, Leah even wrote a line in which she was ecstatic about the imminent defeat of Azmodan, and how Adria promised that they could finally be mother and daughter again once the demons were defeated.

I am endlessly thankful we finally slew Adria in RoS.