Friday 21 December 2018

Necromancers: Singularity speed is my favourite Diablo build ive ever played

So ive been playing this game on and off for quite a while, and Necromancer is by far the class that spoke to me. 

I've been pushing the rathma build as much as possible, and just recently i learned of the singularity speed build, for speed running rifts. And oh boy did my Diablo experience change for the best.

This build feels so comfortable to play once i got used to it, and it's so satisfying to start snowballing and destroy everything in your path. 

I thought the cooldowns would be a huge turn off for me, but I've gotten to 45% CDR, and using blood is power which make it so my character never needs to stop and wait, unless i die and there are no.globes around.

Honestly this is the most fun ive had with diablo in a while, and I'm going to push this build as much as possible until i gear is strong enough to push into GR 100+.

Singularity speed is crazy awesome!