Sunday 3 February 2019


I have played Diablo 3 since the week of its launch in 2012. I have always mained a Barbarian. 

I love the class. I have been playing seasons on and off and was always intrigued and envious of the players who managed to get themselves on the Leaderboards, but I always thought, that is not for me.

I did not have the time or drive to make a go of it. In any case, I took a few years break from playing Diablo 3 since my PC kind of gave up on gaming when the video card died. Now I got a nice gaming laptop and I was hearing good buzz about Season 16 being the Season of Grandeur. 

One of my favorite Barbarian builds got buffed and I always loved the imagery of the Immortal King so I decide to play again. I have been playing whenever I can after work and gym and other obligations and decided to follow the advice of streamers like Rhykker and Bludshedd on how to be efficient so I can maximize my limited time. And they helped a lot.

Got geared up real quick in the first week even though I missed out on playing during the opening weekend because I was abroad for a vacation. And I was having fun HotA Smashing faces in. I never entertained I could make it to the Leaderboards until a friend of mine stated he wanted to get on the Crusader Leaderboard and he managed to do it just last Friday. 

I thought to myself if he could do it, maybe I should give it a shot myself. After spending the past 4 days in a seminar eating up my playtime I was trying to squeeze out how I would go about pushing. 

I decided I would spend most of Saturday evening doing so. And after maybe 8-10 hours of hard pushing I made it from GR 95 to finally finishing a GR 102 clean with no deaths and for a rank 694 finish on the Barbarian Leaderboard.