Friday 21 June 2019

Diablo: The Hell 2 mod approaching release state

We got ETA now. End of July 2019.

For those who don't know what TH2 mod is, here's a recap:

  1. Based on Hellfire, adds at least 50% more content.
  2. New engine: full support for Ultra HD (3840x2160@80fps), window modes, borderless, fullscreen, switching on the fly.
  3. Functioning multiplayer (through Hamachi + IPX wrapper). To be improved later.
  4. ALL of the original Diablo bugs fixed. You can check DSF buglist on lurkerlounge.
  5. A lot of content and modernized gameplay features: items, monsters, music, randomizations.
  6. Darker atmosphere of the game. Even more diabolic than original.
  7. 29 new and changed classes to play: single and multishot Archers, Trapper, Elemental Casters, Two-handed weapon proficient fighters, Explosive/DOT potion throwers, Thorn class, Dual wielders, Summoners, Elemental damage fighters, quick, tough, fast, slow, tactical and berserking classes, a lot of unique gameplay.
  8. Rich options to configure: adjust the style of play to your own individual needs in config file.
  9. 4 game modes to choose from: Normal, Hardcore, Ironman and Nightmare.
  10. 3 new item slots: gauntlets, greaves, belts. 3 weapon slots to alternate between.
  11. Expanded inventory. 10 x 7 instead of just 10 x 4 now.
  12. Smart loot segregation system that provides items and affixes your characters will benefit from.

Homepage is here:

And some screenshots: